Aquariums for Nursing Homes

serenity aquarium in a nursing home hallway

Did you know that only 2% of all skilled nursing homes in the United States have a Serenity Aquarium?

You won’t usually find a large aquarium in average nursing homes because they aren’t cheap. So, what is it that sets these select homes apart from the rest of the crowd? What are the benefits that justify the investment of aquariums for nursing homes?

Proven Results of Aquariums for Nursing Homes

nursing home residents observing a serenity aquarium

There have been many studies on the impact of aquariums and other nature-focused decors in long-term care facilities. The data shows many benefits of having a large fish tank for both residents and staff. Nonetheless, we’ll let you be the judge if the value outweighs the cost of having an aquarium.

Aquariums Improve Nutritional Intake

Another challenge affecting many nursing home residents is poor nutritional intake. In another study conducted by Purdue University, an aquarium was tested as a solution. Nutritional intake increased by more than 20% after an aquarium was introduced. This led to more residents maintaining and/or adding healthy weight. 

Aquariums Boost Resident’s Sleep

Residents in memory care units often experience difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep. We will again reference Purdue University’s study. After introducing the aquarium, the data showed significant improvement in residents’ quality of sleep.

Aquariums Reduce Disruptive Behavior

Fish tanks benefit those with Dementia because observing fish is a sensory stimulation activity. Watching the calming habitat can help patients focus for longer and it encourages engagement with other residents.

Aquariums Increase Job Satisfaction

Many daily challenges wear on caregivers and reduce their job satisfaction. In fact, according to the National Consumer Voice, the average US nursing home experiences 52% annual employee turnover.

Research has found that aquariums for nursing homes can cause an increase in job satisfaction. In the same study by Purdue University, they analyzed the staff’s satisfaction score. After introducing a fish tank, researchers found a significant rise in job satisfaction throughout.

The Value of Aquariums for Nursing Homes

An aquarium’s value is not defined by dollars and cents. It’s the effect it has on the people interacting with it.

Sure, you can hang a TV on the wall and call it “entertainment”, but you’d never call it “therapy”.

young girl interacting with fish in a serenity aquarium

There is no replacement for the presence of real, live fish right in front of you. You may not see attributable profits on a balance sheet, but the delight of an aquarium will be felt throughout your community.

Cleaning Service for Nursing Home Fish Tanks

Plus, our aquarium service offers cleaning, water changing, fish replacement, equipment maintenance, and filling the feeder, all for no extra charge.

A fish tank of this size and quality would typically cost several thousand dollars, not including maintenance costs. We build, install, fill, stock, and maintain your new aquarium for no upfront cost and a low monthly fee.

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Why Choose a Serenity Aquarium for My Nursing Home?

We’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of administrators from top nursing homes in the country. Watch the video below and see why Keith from Snyder Nursing Home, and others like him, trust Serenity USA to provide exceptional aquariums and services.

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