Aquarium Cleaning Service Cost: Are the Pros Worth It?

Are you one of the hundreds of businesses with a dirty fish tank in your lobby, breakroom, or waiting room?

This may be due to a lack of time, resources, or the fact that aquarium maintenance is not easy.

Should you continue cleaning it yourself, or does it make sense to partner with an aquarium service provider?

Before you hire someone to clean your fish tank, read this short article.

Are the pros worth the money? We’ll let you decide.

Benefits of Fish Tank Cleaning Services

large clean fish tank with natural decor

The benefits of an aquarium service company are more than meets the eye.

  • Your staff and guests should see a cleaner aquascape and healthier fish.
  • You and your team save time, energy, and you gain years of experience and expertise.
  • And most of all, your fish tank will become an asset, not a liability.

Here at Serenity, we’ve been servicing aquariums in US businesses for over 13 years.

Learn who we are and how we got here!

How Much Does an Aquarium Cleaning Service Cost?

aquarium service rep attaching a pump to an aquarium sump

The costs of aquarium cleaning can vary from one provider to the next.

It also varies by the situation, like the size of the fish tank, how elaborate the set-up is, and how often services are done.

For many providers, aquarium services will have a flat rate of $1 per gallon of water.

Some will have a base price up to a certain volume, then increase the price every extra gallon.

And others will have a subscription-based payment, like a monthly fee for services.

At the end of the day, the best way to learn the costs of services is to get in contact with a provider.

You can usually request a free quote on-site or speak with them directly.

Contact Serenity today for your free quote!

Can Serenity’s Aquarium Services Help You?

cleaning the glass on an aquarium

At Serenity, we provide extensive aquarium cleaning services for various businesses in the healthcare, commercial, and hospitality industries.

Our service area covers 40 states in the US, so there’s a good chance we can work with you!

By partnering with Serenity, you can lease a brand new aquarium with routine services, or we’ll service your existing aquarium!

Whichever you decide, you’ll pay no upfront cost and a low monthly fee for services!

Conclusion: Research is Key to Understanding the Costs

Aquarium cleaning service costs will vary, so research is key to finding the best deal for the service you need.

Before hiring a service provider, understand some factors like:

  • How complex is my setup?
  • Will this be a one-time cleaning or an ongoing service?
  • What are the differences in price and ongoing costs for each company?
  • What are previous clients saying about the company?

And most importantly, ask yourself “Is this a company I can count on?”

You can count on our team to help with your needs. Even if we can’t service your aquarium, we’ll guide you to the solution you need.

Take a minute or two, explore our site, and learn more about us. If you have any questions, simply contact us by phone or email.