Aquarium & Fish Tank Cleaning Service

Do you have the time to sustain a healthy fish tank? Most companies don’t.

An office fish tank needs routine cleaning and maintenance for a pristine ecosystem. We provide an efficient fish tank cleaning service so you and your team can enjoy a fish tank, without the hassle.

Serenity USA is the largest provider of aquarium services, covering 40 states across the US. It takes our service technicians 1 to 2 hours on each visit to make your aquarium look and run like new!

Please Note: We are a B2B aquarium service company. See the industries we service here.

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How do professionals clean a fish tank?

Keep reading to find out.

Our Fish Tank Cleaning Services

We conduct extensive fish tank cleaning to keep your fish healthy and your view clear.

Watch the video below for a quick overview of how we deep-clean office fish tanks!

Our Cleaning Process

Cleaning the Glass

Using a magnetic scrubber, we scrape algae off the inside of the glass. We also clean the outside of the glass for optimal viewing.

cleaning the glass on an aquarium

You’ll get an extra magnetic scrubber so you can wipe away algae in your tank before it gets too thick. Do this every couple of days for the best view. You may also use a non-scratch cleaning tool on the outside to remove fingerprints or dust. A microfiber cloth works best.

Be mindful of where you want to place the aquarium. Sunlight can cause high water temperatures and more algae growth. Also, keep in mind that there are other factors that cause extra algae growth.

But not to worry. Here are a few easy ways to control algae in a fish tank!

Cleaning the Gravel

Your service tech will vacuum the gravel to remove food, waste, and other harmful debris.

Gravel in a fish tank is much more than decoration. Its primary goal as a substrate is to break down the bacteria that make your fish sick. Without it, we’d have to change the water much more often. And that still may not be enough to keep your fish healthy.

We’ll check the gravel level and refill to the necessary depth if need be. We like to keep gravel depth between 1 and 2 inches. This makes it deep enough to anchor plants and shallow enough for effective cleaning. Also, during each fish tank cleaning service, we replace your plants with fresh ones.

Draining and Refilling the Fish Tank

serenity service rep cleaning and draining water from a fish tank

Using a hose, we drain and refill your fish tank, instead of taking multiple trips to dump out the water. The hose hooks up to the aquarium from a faucet and uses changing water pressure to drain or fill the tank. You’ll need a faucet within 100ft of your fish tank for us to perform an efficient and safe service.

You should never completely empty a fish tank. To avoid drastic changes in water chemistry, we only drain 25% to 50% of the water, depending on its condition. Your technician will determine the proper amount. We then add a de-chlorinator, which removes fish-harming chlorine.

Aquarium Maintenance

Fish tank cleaning is only one step in the process. Ensuring your aquarium lasts a lifetime takes routine maintenance.

Our service techs start by inspecting a few areas of the aquarium. We check airflow in the bubble wand, UV lights, heater, pumps, and more. If we detect any issues, we’ll replace those parts at no charge to you.

Do you already have an aquarium that’s not built by Serenity? We can provide maintenance on your existing aquarium!

Cleaning and Maintaining the Seamless Sump®

serenity service technician maintaining a seamless sump

On each visit, your service tech will drain, clean, and rotate the sump components. Next, they’ll replace the filter sock and Purigen in their freshly cleaned tubs. In other words, your filtration system will work like new after each aquarium cleaning service.

Our patented Seamless Sump® is a revolutionary product in the aquarium industry. It provides unmatched filtration, versatility, storage, and more. Visit our sister company, Custom Aquariums, to see how this product, and many others, can improve the life of your fish tank.

Your unit may not have a Seamless Sump® installed, but that’s okay. Our technicians are trained in many areas of aquarium maintenance. This allows us to service various types of freshwater aquariums.

Refilling Food and Monitoring Fish’s Health

Serenity Services Auto Feeder

With our Unstoppable Hopper® Auto Feeder, you’ll never have to feed the fish! Your service representative will set the ideal times for it to drop food in the tank. We provide more than enough food to last until our next visit, then we replenish it for you.

Everything we do on aquarium cleaning service visits is for the health of your fish. They bring joy to the people around them and we do all we can to return the favor. Unfortunately, there are times when fish become aggressive, ill, or die. We will replace those fish with an appropriate species for your tank, free of charge.

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Does Serenity offer services at private residences?

At this time, Serenity does not offer services at private residences. We work solely in the B2B space and have clients across industries like healthcare, hospitality, and more.

How often should a fish tank be cleaned?

Most fish tanks need to be cleaned every 2 to 3 weeks. Thanks to our patented products, we can provide services at least every 6-8 weeks. This may vary depending on environmental factors around your aquarium. For example, direct sunlight accelerates algae growth, which requires more frequent cleaning.

What happens if you don’t clean your fish tank?

If you don’t clean your fish tank, bacteria, fungi, and other viruses will grow in the water. If this goes on long enough, your fish will get sick and eventually die. Regular fish tank cleaning is the only way to remove this bacteria and maintain a healthy aquatic environment.

How much does it cost to have a fish tank cleaned?

The price to have a fish tank cleaned will vary depending on its size and other factors. We charge a low monthly fee that covers fish, regular cleaning, equipment updates, and replacements. Because our proprietary products allow for a longer service interval, we can reduce the number of required visits by more than half, saving you money.

How long does a fish tank cleaning service take?

A typical fish tank service takes around 1 to 2 hours. Time will vary based on the size of the aquarium and the complexity of the aquascape. Our initial service visit for an already existing aquarium often takes longer than the typical cleaning service.

What fish clean the tank?

There are a number of algae-eater fish that help clean the tank. For example, we offer bristlenose plecos in our Serenity Aquariums. Even though they can’t clean the whole tank, their algae-consuming abilities have a positive impact on the cleanliness of the aquarium.

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